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Cleopatra Enterprise at Maintenance of Ageing Assets 2019 from IIR

Over 20 years, Cleopatra Enterprise has been committed to ensuring that our clients complete shutdowns, turnarounds & maintenance ...

04 September

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Oil & Gas Industry: Top 5 Challenges in Shutdowns & Turnarounds

To maintain production levels and reduce the loss of revenue for the oil and gas industry, effective planning and execution of shu...

15 August

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Is Excel enough for STO Management?

To keep up with the pace in today’s world, organizations need to go with the flow of the current digital revolution. The leading...

16 July

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What is Turnaround and Shutdown Management?

An extra day of downtime might have an impact of a million euros on revenue alone. As turnaround maintenance work is done primaril...

18 June

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10 keys to Efficient Plant Shutdown and Turnaround

Effective planning and execution produce better TA results whether you are working in the oil & gas, refining, or chemical process...

11 June

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Is Cost Control the most important thing in Turnarounds ?

Most estimating and preparation work has been done when the project controls specialist starts with his duties. However, the key o...

23 May

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Top 5 Reasons Turnaround Controls Fail

Proper preparation will make the difference between a successful turnaround and a failure. While turnarounds are so critical to a ...

17 May

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3 Tips for Turnaround Cost Management Everyday

Today there is an increasing need to make shutdown and maintenance more predictable, efficient & cost effective. However, this goa...

06 May

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4 Best Practices to Plan and Manage Shutdown, Turnaround and Outages (STO)

Do you know that cost overruns and schedule delays are a recurring problem of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages and out of 100, o...

19 April