Scope Management Fundamentals

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Scope Management Fundamentals

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field change management

Turnaround Field Change Management

Control scope changes and change orders coming from many sources during STO execution

field change management

Why tracking field change management matters

Field changes have significant cost and schedule impact on shutdowns and turnarounds. From a small change like an extra valve overhaul to a very large one such as unexpected damage to a column, all field changes should be categorized and reported, which makes it challenging to manage the changes.

Fully Digital Field Change Management with Cleopatra

Cleopatra Enterprise’s Field Change Management App for web and mobile replaces the need to use physical paper forms to track field changes with a digital tracking feature encompassing the entire change order procedure. This imparts speedy and effortless accuracy to the field change management, leading to major time saving, therefore cost saving.

Workable and clearly defined field change management process can be adapted to the needs of your STO. Using this process, you can clearly categorize field changes for management and reporting purposes and for future improvements.

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Digital Field Change Management

Business Case: Digital Change & Form Tracking


The Change & Form Tracking technology of Cleopatra accelerates your digital transformation and improves your turnaround cost control and cost estimation processes. Learn how you can get speedy and effortless accuracy in your field change management process.

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The digital age of turnaround change management


A digital change management system with standardized processes ensures proper capturing and managing of the changes in the turnaround scope, cost, and schedule. This reduces the risk of turnaround overruns and delays that may arise due to the unplanned work.

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