Scope Management

Scope Management

Ensure effective scope management. Decide what should be executed and how with Total Turnaround Management of Cost Engineering

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Scope : A critical component of turnaround performance

Scope changes have a significant impact on the quality of work planning and the overall performance of the turnaround. To run a successful turnaround, you must ensure that all scope got carried out by the time the plant needs to be started up again.

Keep your turnaround project in scope

Total Turnaround Management of Cost Engineering enables you to perform strict scope management by offering experts in their field and the cloud-based software Cleopatra Enterprise that help you challenge each item added to the list to be executed. Does it really need to be performed during the turnaround, or can this be done later?

With Total Turnaround Management, you can analyze the impact of each scope item on quality, risk, schedule, and cost. Historical data, proper estimating and scheduling tools are key here.

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Our Clients Succeeding with Total Turnaround Management

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