Scope Management Fundamentals

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Scope Management Fundamentals

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Estimating Budgeting

Turnaround Estimating and Budgeting

Define your budget accurately with Cleopatra Enterprise to predict cost, time, and resources. Form the basis of project control.

estimating budgeting

Estimating and Budgeting: Being financially smart at the start of the turnarounds

Don’t underestimate the financial impact of a turnaround. During the short execution window of an STO, many resources have to be deployed. A budget for this, and the preparation effort of the turnaround need to be available months or even years ahead. Next to help define the budget, estimating is an important input for determining the required amount of resources and calculating the schedule.

Perform accurate and consistent shutdown cost estimations with Cleopatra software

Cleopatra Enterprise, the turnaround cost management software, offers reliable and consistent cost estimations based on the database of historical turnaround data which includes not only big figures but also cost factors.

This helps you even at the preparation phase when the scope is only defined on a high level. For example, when mechanical scope items are identified, other disciplines can be factored in even when no further information is available yet. Later during preparation, work packages are estimated using unit rates. This makes the process of handing over work packages and compiling estimates easier and more consistent.

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Case Study

LyondellBasell is a multinational chemical company. Their plant in Rotterdam was due for a turnaround. Cleopatra Enterprise allowed LyondellBasell to complete the turnaround on time and within budget.

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Making cost estimation count for your turnarounds


Recent developments in the global economy show that many companies in the process industry are keen to reduce both operational and capital expenditures and improve their overall turnaround efficiency.

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