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work package management

Efficient TA work package management with Cleopatra Enterprise during both the preparation and execution phase.

work planning

After the scope is defined, it is time to describe the activities for each scope item. This includes tools, materials, and staffing required to carry out the job. To complete the package and make sure contractors are well prepared, you would also need to add the relevant drawings, QA/QC instructions, punch lists, and photos to the activities.

However, work package management does not stop after creating the overview of activities.

Challenges arise from exchanging job data with other systems such as estimating, scheduling, cost management, and field change management. At this point, tracking the progress becomes crucial. What is the actual field progress? Are QA/QC deliverables inspected, and are defects identified? And more…

With Cleopatra Enterprise, you will be in total control of your work package management process – from start to end.

The one-stop-shop software offers you the integration between solutions covering the whole TA project lifecycle, including scope management, work package management, and estimating – while allowing you to exchange data with external TA software solutions.

Through robust standardization with Cleopatra, you will have the repetitive scope items and tasks in place and have the time to focus on the outliers and non-repetitive tasks of your upcoming turnaround. By implementing lessons learned through this system, you will save time and continuously improve the outcomes of your turnarounds.

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Learn more about what Cleopatra Enterprise has to offer. Request a demo of our advanced total turnaround management software from the experts in the industry.

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During shutdowns and turnarounds, plants are out of production. Therefore, all work has to be executed in the shortest time possible to get them up and running again. This makes turnarounds complex projects, where lots of labour is involved in just short amounts of time, bringing significant (financial) risks.

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Scoping Short Course


During this course, the instructors provide you with the tools and strategies to become more proficient in scope management. You’ll explore a few Cleopatra Enterprise features that can improve your scope management process.

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During this Masterclass, you will learn the latest developments in the work package field: A digital, easy way of preparing and managing work packs in Cleopatra Enterprise. After completing this Masterclass, you will receive your Certificate of Completion.

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Work Package Management Masterclass

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