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Turnaround Work Package Management

Improve the efficiency of turnaround work package management with Cleopatra Enterprise. Complete your shutdowns and turnarounds on time and within budget.

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Work Package Management: After the TA scope is defined, a more detailed process follows

Information is gathered in work packages, containing a list of activities and required tools and materials needed to carry out the job. To complete the package, relevant drawings, safety instructions, and photos are added to make sure workers are well prepared.

However, work package management often does not start on time resulting in work that is not prepared with enough details. Challenges also arise from late changes, overlapping work packages, and simply inefficient planning practices.

Prepare work package planning quickly and efficiently with Cleopatra Enterprise software

With Cleopatra Enterprise, you will have the power of the integration between scope management, work package planning, and estimating. The historical cost data will help you standardize and consequently prepare work packages in less time.

Standardization also leads to a more consistent breakdown and description of the work. This improves communication and overall STO project performance during execution.

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Highlighted Features of Cleopatra Enterprise WPM solution

WPM features together

Asset Catalog


The Asset Catalog in Cleopatra Enterprise can help you to store and manage all the relevant and up-to-date information of your assets in one single dashboard.

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Material Catalog


Work Packs consist of multiple activities carried out by different team users and resources, such as materials. To centrally manage these materials, a Material Catalog can be created in Cleopatra Enterprise.

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WP Execution Solution


The Execution Solution is focused on the functionalities needed during the execution phase of a project. Therefore, this feature is relatively more straightforward to use.

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Get in the Game: Turnaround Work Package Management


During shutdowns and turnarounds, plants are out of production. Therefore, all work has to be executed in the shortest time possible to get them up and running again. This makes turnarounds complex projects, where lots of labour is involved in just short amounts of time, bringing significant (financial) risks.

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