STO Work Package Management

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STO Work Package Management

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The Asset Catalog in Cleopatra Enterprise can help you manage assets accurately and efficiently.

Industrial projects can range from large-scale turnaround projects to daily maintenance projects to the creation of new assets. The activities within these projects usually impact an existing asset directly.

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In-depth asset description
Planners need to have all the up-to-date information such as technical information, P&IDs, drawings and Quality Assurance Protocols. The Asset Catalog allows you to see the previous work packs tied to a specific asset and their impact on that asset. With this, you can have a single dedicated environment to store and access the most up-to-date data assigned to your asset.

Dedicated breakdown structure
An asset can be different things, it can range from an entire factory to a part of the factory, to a specific valve inside a column that belongs to a factory. To show the relationship between these various assets, the Asset Catalog of Cleopatra includes a dedicated breakdown structure.


Relevant information per asset
Not all assets are the same. Different information is important for different types of assets. For instance, you would need specific metrics for a pump compared to a vessel itself. To support this Cleopatra lets you pre-define what kind of information must be captured, by creating multiple asset types and various fields per asset type.

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Work Packs consist of multiple activities, which are carried out by different team users and resources, such as materials. To centrally manage these materials, a Material Catalog can be created in Cleopatra Enterprise.

The Material Catalog allows you to:

  • Easily find required materials and assign them to the activities that compose your work packs
  • Store different materials with their pricing information and any other relevant information
  • Structure material data using multiple tools like the content structure and content designer
  • Capture different and unique types of attributes by creating material categories with custom fields
  • Have a basis for capturing prices for different types of materials, which can be reused in multiple projects

The work pack execution solution is a separate extension of a Cleopatra Work Package Management document, which has a different focus compared to the WPM solution itself. The purpose of this execution solution is to give the users who are active during the execution phase, solely the functionalities they need at that phase of the project. Because of this, it is more straightforward and requires less knowledge of the whole WPM solution.


Work Pack Management Solution

Work Pack Execution Solution
Extensive, encompasses all functionalities Focused version
For users working at the preparation, execution and after the execution For users working at the execution phase
Define, configure, analyze and plan the work pack Measure progress during execution phase
Required knowledge: all phases Required knowledge: only execution phase
work pack execution solution
wp planning

Work Package Management often does not start on time resulting in work that is not prepared with enough details. Challenges also arise from late changes, overlapping work packages, and simply inefficient planning practices.

With Cleopatra Enterprise, you will have the power of the integration between scope management, estimating and work package planning. The historical cost data will help you standardize and consequently prepare work packages in less time.

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Learn more about what Cleopatra Enterprise has to offer. Request a demo of our advanced turnaround cost management software from the experts in the industry.

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This webinar will help you identify the importance of a full work package planning for your shutdowns and turnarounds using advanced technology and tooling. With this, you will achieve standardization, a more consistent breakdown and description of the work, and improved turnaround performance.


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Work Package Management Masterclass


During this Masterclass, you will learn the latest developments in the work package field: A digital, easy way of preparing and managing work packs in Cleopatra Enterprise. After completing this Masterclass, you will receive your Certificate of Completion.

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During this course, the instructors provide you with the tools and strategies to become more proficient in scope management. You’ll explore a few Cleopatra Enterprise features that can improve your scope management process.

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