Scope Management Fundamentals

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Scope Management Fundamentals

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Turnaround Management for STOs

Improve performance of your TA with integrated software Cleopatra Enterprise

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The power of digital plant shutdown management enables companies to optimize TA management


Cost Engineering Consultancy provides an innovative turnaround project controls solution for STOs.

Total Turnaround Management includes integrated software solution Cleopatra Enterprise as well as single solutions. Digital systems, experienced and dedicated professionals and turnaround cost database make your Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages (STO) more predictable, efficient and cost-effective.

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work package management

Work Package Management

Improve the efficiency of work package management to complete your shutdowns and turnarounds on time and within budget. Read More

scope management

Scope Management

Ensure effective scope management, one of the greatest challenges in a turnaround. Decide what should be executed and how. Read More

Estimating Budgeting

Estimating / Budgeting

Define your budget accurately to predict cost, time, and resources. Form the basis of project control. Read More

contract management

Contract Management

Reduce schedule delays and risk with a detailed contracting strategy. Read More



Choose the best contractors with the right bid evaluation. Read more



Develop an optimized schedule that minimizes the out-of-service cost with maximum resource usage. Read More

field change management

Field Change Management

Control scope changes coming from many sources during STO execution. Read More

cost control

Cost Control

Monitor your cost and performance against progress and mitigate potential risks on time. Read More



Extract metrics from executed and running STOs, discover trends in key cost drivers and improve the future turnarounds. Read More

turnaround cost database

Turnaround Cost Database

Maintain a solid basis for your turnaround with a comprehensive turnaround cost database. Read More

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An integrated digital solution for more efficient plant turnarounds - Cleopatra Enterprise

TA Management Software

Explore the Capability of Turnaround Software: Cleopatra

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Case studies and clients


LyondellBasell is a multinational chemical company. Their plant in Rotterdam was due for a turnaround. Cleopatra Enterprise allowed LyondellBasell to complete the turnaround on time and within budget.

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Business Case: Digital Change & Form Tracking

Download this document briefly explaining the business case for Digital Change & Form Tracking of today. Learn how you can get speedy and effortless accuracy in your field change management process.

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Find out what Cleopatra Enterprise can do for you

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Tailor-made services for turnaround project controls


Our dedicated and certified experts provide the support you need through the whole turnaround process, from the initiation phase towards evaluation. The optimal team collaboration enables you to improve the performance of your turnaround and complete it within time and budget.

On-demand Webinar: Digital Work Package Management

In this webinar, you’ll learn how advanced tooling can help you to manage your work packs during both the preparation and execution phase of a turnaround. With this, you’ll achieve standardization, a more consistent breakdown and description of the work, and improved turnaround performance.

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4 best practices to plan and manage shutdown, turnaround and outages (STO)

Do you know that cost overruns and schedule delays are a recurring problem of shutdowns, turnarounds and outages and out of 100, only 32 projects are successfully implemented?

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