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Contract Management

Turnaround Contract Management

Reduce risk and schedule delays with a detailed contracting strategy applied through Cleopatra Enterprise

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Untangle your turnaround's contract strategy

Before going to market, you need to define what kind of contract strategy you have to follow. Various approaches are available, ranging from one contractor taking responsibility for your entire turnaround to the owner organization managing every little detail.

The decisions made at this point of the process heavily influence the way the turnaround will be organized.

The right contract strategy for the right shutdown performance

With Cleopatra Enterprise’s turnaround contract management solution, you can easily choose the right contract strategy for your specific site and project. The contracts will be managed by clearly defining both owner and contractor responsibilities. Using contracts with tangible outcomes also allows you to enhance your cost estimating and cost control processes.

Contracts could be implemented for all disciplines on a lump-sum basis, on unit rates or on a reimbursable basis. Management of change is in good hands with our team.

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Our Clients Succeeding with Cleopatra, the Turnaround Cost Management Software

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Understanding the value of tendering & contract management


There is a wide array of choices in tendering & contract management that can be made long before the turnaround event, all having a large influence on the turnaround itself.

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