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Scope Management Fundamentals

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cost control

Turnaround Cost Control

With Cleopatra Enterprise, monitor your cost and performance against progress and mitigate potential risks on time

cost control

Cost Control: The cornerstone of successful turnarounds

Turnarounds typically cost significant sums of operational expense (OPEX) & capital expense (CAPEX) to execute. In order to avoid cost overruns, there is an increasing need for effective cost control during turnaround execution. Cost control helps companies stay in budget by measuring the variances from cost baseline and taking corrective actions based on that.

Track your turnaround cost performance with Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise software and our experts help you track your shutdown and turnaround costs via interactive dashboards, cost reports, graphs and KPIs. Measure your variances and implement cost control to bring your turnaround’s performance in line with the expectations.

  • Monitor cost performance
  • Monitor schedule performance
  • Record all necessary changes
  • Prevent incorrect, inappropriate, or unauthorized changes from being included in the cost baseline
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Our Clients Succeeding with Cleopatra, the Turnaround Cost Management Software

Renewable Diesel Company

A real life example:

Find out how Cleopatra Enterprise, our integrated turnaround software, supported a major renewable diesel company in turnaround cost estimation and cost management from different angles.

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Is Cost Control the most important thing in Turnarounds?


Most estimating and preparation work has been done when the project controls specialist starts with his duties. However, the key of each STO’s is to define your budget accurately to predict cost, time, and resources.

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