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Scope Management Fundamentals

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Turnaround Benchmarking

Cleopatra Enterprise extracts metrics from executed and running STOs and improves your future turnarounds

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The power of project benchmark data

Reliable and relevant benchmark data is of great help in estimating turnarounds, executing proper cost control, and in the long-term turnaround budget forecasting. However, the project data is often not stored in a centralized database, which makes it difficult to create benchmarks.

Improving project performance with Cleopatra Benchmark

Cleopatra Benchmark allows you to capture and collect meaningful project information from executed and ongoing projects in a centralized database. Ranging from high-level data such as mechanical hours vs. total cost to more detailed equipment specific data such as the average cleaning hours needed per exchanger, Cleopatra Benchmark provides just enough detail to perform big data analytics.

Extracting metrics from the projects, you will discover trends in key cost drivers and ratios, compare the performance of projects and common assets, and improve the accuracy and reliability of the future cost estimates.

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Turnaround Benchmarking- Make optimization a habbit


Benchmarking helps measure the best practice in turnarounds and is part of a continuous improvement process that incorporates feedback to your next turnaround. It targets roles, processes, and critical success factors.

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