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Digital Turnaround Management Software
Cleopatra Enterprise

Deliver cost-efficient shutdown and turnaround projects

Transform your shutdown and turnaround processes through an integrated TAR management software solution ensuring that your STO projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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The Integrated Turnaround and Shutdown Cost Management Software

Cleopatra Enterprise is a digital, fully integrated software solution for shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.

Cleopatra helps companies through the entire turnaround life cycle by combining scope management, work planning, estimating/budgeting, contract management, tendering, scheduling, field change management, cost control, benchmarking and TAR knowledgebase.

For 25 years, Cleopatra has enabled more than 500 industry-leading companies in 75 countries to control STOs and large technical projects and improve their project performance.

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Interfacing with Primavera P6, SAP, Excel & more

Use your big data efficiently

Import and export data from and to tools like Excel, Primavera, SAP and more.
Cleopatra has seamless integration with Excel, providing quick and easy data transfer. You can import project information from Excel as an input and export turnaround cost data from Cleopatra to Excel. Cleopatra also integrates with Primavera P6, Microsoft Project, SAP as well as other 3rd party systems to improve your work processes and provide efficient use of big data.

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Quick real-time turnaround and shutdown dashboard reports

Easy Reporting

Show accurate updates in a single overview to quickly and easily present your turnaround project’s performance in meetings. As the perfect software for turnarounds, Cleopatra provides configurable dashboard reporting that can clearly present the status of your STO, giving the management team timely warning signals. Configure your dashboard to show live plots, cost reports, key metrics, KPI’s and much more.

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Companies achieving success with Cleopatra

LyondellBasell Case Study

LyondellBasell is a multinational chemical company. Their plant in Rotterdam was due for a turnaround. Cleopatra Enterprise allowed LyondellBasell to complete the turnaround on time and within budget.

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Work Package Management Video Blog

Companies are facing various challenges while preparing Work Package Planning. We listed the 4 most common challenges so you can learn from them.

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Find out what Cleopatra can do for your STO Projects

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Cleopatra Enterprise at RTL7 - In de ban van

During the international maintenance event MaintenanceNEXT 2019, RTL7 interviewed our expert Elmer Sachteleben as he has discussed:

What is a Turnaround, what kinds of problems do people run into while performing Shutdown, Turnaround & Outages (STO), the importance of an integrated solution for turnaround and shutdown.

Watch the video and find out how our turnaround software Cleopatra is helping industries like oil & gas, chemical, mining, construction embrace digitalization that is much needed today.

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