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Webinar: Turnaround Progress and Cost Control

The need for digital transformation

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05 June

On 17 June 2020, the shutdown and turnaround experts of the Cleopatra Team hosted a LIVE WEBINAR.

In the global economic situation, many organizations are trying to pare down their operational and capital costs. As a result, today’s project and turnaround cost controllers need to monitor cost and performance and mitigate potential risks on time to ensure that the funds are being well spent and the business decisions are made on a solid basis.

This webinar discussed the need for an effective Digital Progress & Cost Control System to improve the overall turnaround performance and how such system can transform the cost control process  to maximize the project cost efficiency and minimize the manual efforts.

Join Jos van der Stelt and Bas Druijf, Cleopatra turnaround management experts, to benefit from the proven approach behind the successful turnarounds.

Join this webinar to explore:

  • Why it is crucial to have a digital progress and cost control system in today’s world
  • How to gain greater visibility into turnaround performance
  • How to use metrics & KPIs to your advantage
  • How to capture gains and communicate them to Management with Reporting & Dashboard visualizations
  • A Case Study where Cleopatra Enterprise helped a major chemical company in overcoming the challenges of managing a complex turnaround

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