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What are the 7 essential items of a Turnaround Work Package?

23 December

The key to successful turnarounds is getting the right work to the right people on time. Work planning has a vital role in this.

With detailed work packages, you can make sure that all turnaround jobs are prepared for a safe and efficient execution within the required timeframe and budget.

Every work package contains a list of activities, necessary tools and materials required to carry out the job. Check out the 7 essential items for a detailed turnaround work package:

1. Scope of Work (SOW)

A work package should include a detailed scope of work which contains information on the work that must be done to deliver the project. So, what are we going to do, and in what way are we going to do it?

With such detailed scope of work, everyone working on the turnaround gets the required instructions for the work they need to perform. The SOW includes project objectives, deliverables, timeline, deadlines, individual tasks, etc.

2. P&ID’s including Scope of Work location

The work package should include P&ID’s (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams), detailed drawings which show the piping and instruments process equipment together with the instrumentation and control devices.

The P&ID’s should contain all piping, including valves, reducers, equipment, etc. It could be a plot plan which shows the location of the specific scope item in the plant.

3. Drawings/Iso’s with Bill of Materials (BOM)

All work packages should include a set of IFC (Issued for Construction) drawings, including the approved design drawings the owner shares with the contractor as part of the contract document. Also, it should include the Bill of Materials.

4. Management of Change (MOC)

During the execution of turnarounds, field changes have a significant impact on the costs and planning. Before the turnaround execution starts, you should consider the different scenarios and prepare how to manage the potential changes that could occur during the execution phase.

From a small change like an extra valve overhaul to a very large one, such as unexpected damage to a column, all field changes should be categorized and included in the work package.

5. Safety instructions

Safety is a top priority in shutdowns and turnarounds. So, there are many things to take into consideration.

Do you work at a certain height? Do you work in a contaminated area? Encountering the risk and safety hazards and creating safety instructions are essential in a work package.

6. Tie-ins

The tagging and labeling play an essential role in identifying and tracking the equipment during the turnaround execution. You would also want to add the tie-in data in other essential documents and match it with the relevant job.

7. Check & Punch lists

Using a check & punch list, you will have a clear overview of your work package. Make sure that your work package is complete and that the checklist is filled out for each job to verify all documentation has been completed for the particular turnaround package.

The check & punch list should contain all the information a contractor needs to execute the turnaround.


Including these 7 essential items to work packages improves the efficiency of turnaround work planning and helps you to complete projects on time and within budget.

Find out how Cleopatra Enterprise WPM can help you to quickly and efficiently prepare detailed work packages.

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