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Discover Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform: Your STO Solution

Discover Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform: Your Ultimate Solution for Work Package Management and Execution!
01 December

Step into a brighter future with Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform—a solution crafted by STO specialists for specialists. Say goodbye to the limitations of your current STO platform and embrace a seamless transition. In today’s world, there are only a few software platforms available to consider, and we see an increasing doubt in companies about whether they should move from a limited platform to a more robust one-stop-shop solution. If you seek exceptional STO software for simplified task management and execution management, Cleopatra is your answer.

Wondering about the transition process?

Let us share a step-by-step approach based on our recent client success story. Move confidently from a STO platform (e.g., Roser Consys, Prometheus, iPlan) to Cleopatra with a smooth and effective shift. Your future in Work Package Management and Execution Management starts here.

Step 1 – Request database backups

Transitioning to a new STO solution means ensuring your database, including labor norms, materials, attachments, etc., seamlessly moves with you. Many Service Level Agreements (SLAs) include a backup clause, obligating the solution provider to assist in transferring this information if you opt for a new platform. Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform excels at processing and retaining this data for your future use.

Begin the process by requesting the current solution provider to provide the SQL and attachment database. This step is crucial to ensure a smooth and complete transfer of your valuable information to Cleopatra’s platform.

Step 2 – Workshops & Alignment

When Cleopatra Enterprise’s implementation team initiates the transition from an existing STO platform (e.g., Roser Consys, Prometheus, iPlan) to Cleopatra, the process begins with insightful workshops. These workshops aim to foster a comprehensive understanding of your company’s current STO processes and familiarize everyone with Cleopatra’s functionality.

Simultaneously, Cleopatra carefully moves important information from the old system to the new one. They ensure the data transfer is accurate and safe, so nothing gets lost or mixed up during the switch. Cleopatra also tailors workflows to align with your existing STO processes.

After the data transfer, Cleopatra fine-tunes its settings, workflows, and features to seamlessly integrate with your company’s STO procedures, optimizing efficiency. Above all, our Total Turnaround Management platform is configured to meet your specific needs, promoting ease of use for every user role within your organization. Cleopatra prioritizes delivering relevant information to the right users, avoiding information overload, which is a common barrier to system adoption.

By following these steps, Cleopatra ensures a smooth transition to the new platform, perfectly tailored to your company’s requirements.

Step 3 – Acceptance testing

Moving from a legacy system (e.g., Roser Consys) to Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform requires thorough acceptance testing. Cleopatra Enterprise offers a comprehensive guidance approach through this crucial stage.

First, Cleopatra’s implementation team, consisting of STO field experts, collaborates closely with your company to define acceptance criteria and test scenarios. This includes understanding your requirements and ensuring their translation into measurable acceptance criteria for the new platform.

Second, Cleopatra helps the team of key users create detailed test cases based on predefined criteria. These test cases cover various functionalities and features of the Total Turnaround Management platform to ensure a thorough assessment. Also, the implementation team guides and supports key users during the execution of acceptance tests. This involves assisting you in executing test cases, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring the platform functions as expected.

If any issues arise during testing, Cleopatra quickly assists in resolving them, whether through adjustments or platform modifications. After successfully completing all the tests and ensuring everything works as intended, we proceed to the next step.

Finally, even after testing is over, Cleopatra keeps providing support. Our implementation team ensures the key users are ready to use the new platform and help with any questions or problems that may arise.

Step 4 – Go live production

Once the key users are prepared for the new platform, the focus shifts to gradually training other users and fully transitioning. In collaboration with Cleopatra, key users establish a migration date and collectively work towards it. During this period, additional users begin learning and testing Cleopatra Enterprise.

At the discussed migration date, your company freezes work in the legacy system and shares the backup with Cleopatra. This way, we can transfer all the latest data into the system. Then, after a final user acceptance test, you go live with the new platform. This structured approach ensures a smooth and effective shift for all users.

Step 5 – Training & Adoption

For successful adoption, everyone needs proper training on using the system. Learn to work with Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform at your own pace through high-quality E-learning. The E-learnings offer explanations, demonstrations, and exercises using the platform. Additionally,  receive (online) classroom training and even on-site support from our STO and Cleopatra experts. With our global partners, there is always a Cleopatra expert available nearby to assist you.


Transitioning to a new system can be challenging, but your success is our success. Whether you are using Roser Consys, Prometheus, iPlan, or another system we are committed to supporting you throughout the process Alternatively, you can also opt for a simpler implementation.

All in all, leave behind the limitations of your current STO platform and embrace Cleopatra’s Total Turnaround Management platform — developed by specialists, for specialists. We are ready for the future, are you?

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