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Live Discussion: Digital Field Change Management

Revolutionizing the traditional way of managing changes in a turnaround

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08 May

On 20 May 2020, the shutdown and turnaround experts of the Cleopatra Team hosted a LIVE WEBINAR.

Field change management – a challenge for many organizations when managing shutdowns & turnarounds during execution. A lot of paperwork is involved, which proves to be time-consuming and inefficient.

This webinar discussed why a Digital Field Change Management system is crucial for successful turnarounds and how it can replace the entire manual field change tracking procedure. We also covered how this system fits in the total Progress & Cost Control TA Work Process.

Join Jos van der Stelt and Bas Druijf, Cleopatra TA management experts, to benefit from the proven approach behind the successful turnarounds.

During the webinar, we’ve covered:

  • How turnarounds are managed traditionally
  • The impact of field changes on turnarounds
  • The need for Digital Field Change Management
  • Integration of field change management with cost estimating, scheduling and progress & cost control
  • Live showcase: New! Cleopatra Form Tracking Module and Mobile App

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