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Meetings in North America

How Cleopatra Enterprise fuels performance of projects and turnarounds through integration

21st October - 2nd November North America
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Integration means to better outcomes. Fully integrated project controls lead to 78% successful outcomes while silos weaken project performance with only 29% of projects completed on time and within budget*. But there is one major drawback: full integration generally takes many months to complete.

Could digital systems and big data help make project controls integrations more efficient?

Cleopatra Enterprise, the integrated project controls systems, has been applied in many businesses and industries, where they have significantly improved cost and maximized the capital investments. Major gains include accurate cost estimation, timely and full cost control, benchmarking with historical data for high-level decision making and continuous improvement through integration between these disciplines/modules.

To learn more about the integrated approach of Cleopatra, schedule a meeting with us in North America between 21 Oct. and 2 Nov. by filling in the form below.

You can also meet us at the AACE Houston Gulf Coast Symposium. We are glad to support the Symposium that will take place in Houston on 1 & 2 November. Stop by Booth 142 to get a short demonstration of Cleopatra and discuss project controls innovation with us.

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Meet Cleopatra Enterprise Team in North America to take the first step into integration and improved project performance. We will visit North America and showcase our state-of-the-art software Cleopatra, and discuss:

  • How to drive turnaround project success in today’s challenging environment
  • The value of using a total turnaround management software that integrates the disciplines cost estimating, scheduling, cost control and benchmarking
  • Best practices in turnaround project controls, which bring continuous improvement with Cleopatra Enterprise

Why Cleopatra Enterprise

Cleopatra Enterprise offers many great benefits to your organization:
  • The only tool to offer true cost estimating and cost control functionality for your turnarounds.
  • Adaptable to your industry, yet easy-to-use.
  • Advanced project analytics and benchmarking for better insight into turnaround project performance.
  • Industry standard turnaround cost data available.
  • Supported by experienced and certified turnaround experts in the industry.