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Turnaround Cost Management:

How to apply a proven digital approach to managing shutdowns & turnarounds

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Get a close look at shutdown & turnaround cost management methods, their practical applications and results.

Join Elmer Sachteleben and Bas Druijf, our TA management experts, as they walk you through several key points of turnaround cost management and a case study that digs into the real-life implementations and results of cost management for STOs.

During the webinar, we have covered:

  • Tendering & contracting techniques including bid evaluations for Turnarounds
  • A staged approach to estimating and budgeting with classifications and methods
  • A look into progress and cost control for early identification of potential risks and accurate and timely updates to Management
  • Closing the gap between cost estimation and cost management
  • Casestudy: How a major company moving from no TA management system with Cleopatra Enterprise to a total cost management system has overcome the challenges of managing a complex turnaround

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Featured Speakers

Elmer Sachteleben

CCE, Head of Cost Engineering Academy

Elmer Sachteleben is an experienced and certified cost engineer (CCE). After providing consultancy services in the field of turnaround and project controls to major companies, Elmer now leads Cost Engineering Academy.

He applies his broad experience and enthusiasm to develop courses, provide traineeships, and organize workshops. He is also a teacher at the Dutch Association of Cost Engineers (DACE) and a frequent speaker at industry events.

Bas Druijf

Cost Engineer, Turnaround and Maintenance Expert

Bas Druijf is a Cost Engineer, holding an MSc in Applied Earth Sciences. Bas has been working as a consultant providing services such as estimating, validation, cost control, benchmarking and software implementation.

Having been involved in capital projects, Bas now mainly works for turnaround and maintenance projects. Clients Bas has worked for include Alliander, Engie, LyondellBasell, Neste, Nouryon, OMV, Shell and Vopak.