Digital Work Package Management:

Improved TA Productivity and Predictability

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The key to successful turnarounds is getting the right work to the right people on time.

Work Package Management (WPM) combines advanced technology and tooling with detailed work packages. This ensures standardization, a more consistent breakdown and description of the work, and improved turnaround performance.

Join the conversation with Jos van der Stelt and Bas Druijf, Cleopatra turnaround management experts, become part of the turnaround community from across the globe, and get a digital work package management roadmap that works.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • An advanced digital approach to work planning: Work Package Management (WPM)
  • How to break work into packages and daily plans to ensure the best execution
  • Common challenges in turnaround work planning
  • The importance of historical data in standardizing work packages
  • The role of integration between work package management, scope management, estimating and cost control
  • A brief introduction to Cleopatra WPM: How the solution can help you in work package planning and improve turnaround efficiency

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Director of Professional Services

Jos van der Stelt is the Director of Professional Services at Cleopatra Enterprise. Jos applies his knowledge and experience in Project Controls and Turnarounds to advise companies that need turnaround cost management solutions on digital tools and services.

He coordinates the group of Cost Engineering Consultants currently working at Shell, Bayer, Cargill, Heineken, Neste, OMV, Vopak, Boskalis, Maasvlakte Oil Terminal and Qirion. Jos also works with the consultants on their personal growth, to develop their strengths and potential.

Senior Cost Engineer, Turnaround Lead

Bas Druijf is a Senior Cost Engineer and the Turnaround Lead for Cleopatra Enterprise. Bas has been working as a consultant providing services such as estimating, validation, cost control, benchmarking and software implementation.

Having been involved in capital projects, Bas now mainly works for turnaround and maintenance projects. Clients Bas has worked for include Alliander, Engie, LyondellBasell, Neste, Nouryon, OMV, Shell and Vopak.