Digital Turnaround Benchmarking: An Untapped Opportunity

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You finished your shutdown or turnaround, all activities are managed and executed, congratulations, on to the next one! But what about the lessons learned? Have you captured them or better do you have a system to apply them in future turnarounds? How can you get an understanding of the cost drivers and behaviors of your TA?

With this webinar, you will get insights into digital turnaround benchmarking that can enhance the overall quality of your turnarounds while allowing you to apply the best practices of cost efficiency. We will also discuss how an integrated digital system can increase the future cost estimating accuracy, minimize manual efforts, and continuously improve the turnaround performance.

Join Jos van der Stelt and Bas Druijf, Cleopatra turnaround management experts, to benefit from the proven approach behind the successful turnarounds.

Join this webinar to explore:

  • What digital turnaround benchmarking is and why it is important
  • The power of data analytics and historical project data
  • How to discover trends in key cost drivers and ratios
  • How to capture and analyze the right metrics
  • Improving the accuracy of future cost estimates with benchmarking
  • How a digital benchmarking solution can help improve the overall turnaround performance

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Featured Speakers

Jos van der Stelt

Director of Professional Services

Jos van der Stelt is the Director of Professional Services at Cost Engineering Consultancy. Jos applies his knowledge and experience in Project Controls and Turnarounds to advise companies that need turnaround cost management solutions on digital tools and services.

He coordinates the group of Cost Engineering Consultants currently working at Shell, Bayer, Cargill, Heineken, Neste, OMV, Vopak, Boskalis, Maasvlakte Oil Terminal and Qirion. Jos also works with the consultants on their personal growth, to develop their strengths and potential.

Bas Druijf

Senior Cost Engineer, Turnaround Lead

Bas Druijf is a Senior Cost Engineer and the Turnaround Lead for Cleopatra Enterprise. Bas has been working as a consultant providing services such as estimating, validation, cost control, benchmarking and software implementation.

Having been involved in capital projects, Bas now mainly works for turnaround and maintenance projects. Clients Bas has worked for include Alliander, Engie, LyondellBasell, Neste, Nouryon, OMV, Shell and Vopak.