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Maintain a solid basis for your turnaround with a comprehensive turnaround cost database

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TA Knowledgebase: Project data is your asset

A cost data set is one of the cornerstones of a proper estimating and cost management system. Having a set of norms to be able to estimate and verify turnarounds has a significant impact on the cost management of these major events.

 However, creating your own turnaround and maintenance database can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Data incompleteness and lack of experience in data management can hamper the development of the knowledgebase. This, combined with inappropriate tooling, makes it challenging to create a proper knowledgebase for many companies.


Unlocking continuous improvement with credible project data

Cleopatra Enterprise offers a ready to use database with turnaround and maintenance specific data. This knowledgebase enables your company to increase the accuracy of your turnaround estimates, which leads to a continuous improvement process. During executions, these norms can also be used to estimate the changes, which allows proper field change management.

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